Rapid has a long and proud history. This is best explained by the constant care we show for our traditions and our way of doing things - making it easy for our users by offering products that fulfil their ever-changing needs and requirements. Ever since we were established in 1936, we’ve based our company concept on Swedish engineering. Something that translates into – among many other things – reliable quality that simplifies the lives of our users. Our entrepreneurial inheritance is also characterised by being quick to respond and ready to embrace and adapt to the latest needs and demands of the market. We continuously develop and produce new solutions, keeping up with the shifting demands and requirements of our users. We often find ourselves dealing with, and finding, completely new solutions and functions, in addition to adapting existing products to fit current conditions. Choosing Rapid means choosing a reliable specialist with proven solutions specially adapted for the user. In order to keep our promises and to ensure quality day after day, we monitor and control the entire value chain, from idea to finished product. The design and development part of this process is built on the solid foundation of our Swedish heritage, with effective and easy solutions as well as a product range filled with a wide variety of products for effective fastening.