For over 65 years, ECHO has been designing and building high performance, commercial quality products. From humble beginnings in Japan with a simple hand-held crop duster, ECHO has grown to become a technological leader and well-respected global brand.
Over the years, many power equipment brands have come and gone, but ECHO have thrived. Why? Primarily because of ECHO commitment to quality and providing customers with the best products possible. All of ECHO engines are designed to the same standard - commercial grade. ECHO makes no compromises. To ensure this commitment, ECHO cast and machine every engine in Japan where quality and consistency are closely controlled. And to gain manufacturing efficiencies, ECHO assembling them at his various factories around the world to the same exact standards.
With ECHO, you will always get a commercial grade engine and long-term value. Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, you can always buy ECHO products with confidence.