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OBD tester SnapOn PDL 4000 International, SUN Diagnostics EESCEG118A&SUN , Z   EAN: EESCEG118A

Product is not available.
  • Description
  • The PDL 4000 had been designed based on latest market requirements to meet the demands of even highly discriminating customers. It pursues the tradition of SUN brand scan tools which all combine user-friendliness with high test coverage and a wide variety of features. With the faster SMX operating system, extended functionality and a larger colour touchscreen display the PDL was not simply revised, but completely redesigned.
    The PDL 4000 offers tests for 30 car makers covering 97 per-cent of car models registered in Germany. Plus a multitude of manufacturers and models of the North American market.
    The PDL 4000 boots up in a few seconds. Trouble codes and live data are available in less than 30 seconds.
    The PDL 4000 has a unique steady-charge battery system which charges automatically when connected to the vehicle.
    Main features:
    •Scanner for modern on-board diagnostics
    •Recording of data lists during the road test
    •Saving of user-specific settings
    •Easily understood navigation and checks
    •Periodic on-line software updates
    •Convenient data viewing, data management and printing with ShopStream Connect
    •Boot time of 5 seconds
    •Unique steady-charge battery system
    •No software cut-out

    •Colour LC display, 7" LCD TFT, 24 bit colour, touchscreen
    •Vehicle voltage display
    •Touchscreen or 4-way navigation key
    •Power pack
    •High-speed processor
    •Micro SD card to save data and upgrade software

    OEM-specific software
    •Land Rover from 1991
    •AUDI, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, MG/Rover, Opel, SEAT, Skoda and VW from 1992
    •Alfa, Citroen, Fiat, Lancia, Land Rover, Peugeot and Renault from 1995
    •Smart from 1998
    •Honda, Nissan and Toyota from 1999
    •Jaguar, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Volvo from 2000
    •Mini from 2001
    •Hyundai from 2001
    •KIA from 2002
    •Dacia from 2004
    •Suzuki from 2005
    •North American car makers (in English)

    Software functions
    •Systems, e.g. gearboxes, ABS, ESP, SRS, dashboards, steering sensors, TPMS, park assist and many more
    •Read and clear fault codes
    •Service interval reset
    •Automatic system ID mode
    •Automatic trouble code scan and “clear all codes” function
    •User-defined PID triggering for intermittent fault capture and diagnostics in graph mode
    •Live data readings in text and graph mode
    •Simultaneous viewing of up to 7 data parameters in text mode
    •Simultaneous viewing of up to 4 data parameters in graph mode
    •Efficient diagnostics with user-specific data lists
    •Simple scrolling through all parameter lists
    •Function tests, actuator tests and teach-in functions
    •2000 frames of data movie mode of graphing data
    •Pause function to return to live reading and data movie
    •Recall of the last 20 vehicles under test

    World-wide EOBD software
    •EOBD for all 2001+ petrol vehicles
    •EOBD for all 2004+ diesel vehicles
    •Reading of codes and data
    •Clearing of emission-related data
    •All EOBD service modes

    •1 Mini USB port for PC
    •Micro-SD (secure digital) card
    •Diagnostic cable port for connection to vehicle
    All images are for illustration purposes only.
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