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Stokker entered the Finnish market

08.10 2018 10:55

Stokker acquired 49% of the Finnish gardening and and forestry machinery wholesaler Teräosa FI OY. This was the first part of the deal with which Stokker will acquire a 100% stake in Teräosa in three years. Acquiring a stake in a Finnish company doubles Stokker's target market.

Priit Prints, Chairman of Stokker's Management Board: "As a result of the purchase, our target market doubled overnight and gave us great growth opportunities. The strength of Teräosa is the sale of forestry and horticulture machinery, Stokker's own machine sales. Several brands represented by Teräosa today, such as Echo, Cub Cadet, are also available in our product portfolio. "

Jari Elo, Teräosa's owner and leader: “Stokker and us, we know each other, we have worked well together in the past and now have the opportunity to raise together our business in the Finnish market. A lot of work is ahead for us. "

Teräosa FI OY is a wholesaler established in 1999, which markets in Finland garden and forestry machinery and spare parts of Oregon, Yamabiko, MTD and many other well-known manufacturers. 



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