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HYDRAULIC OIL L-HV 68 204L, Lotos Oil WH-BE02100-000&LOTOS , B   EAN: WH-BE02100

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  • Hydraulic oils L-HV are characterized by excellent anti-wear qualities, equivalent to the L-HM oils, and - very low oil viscosity dependence on temperature (upgraded viscosity and temperature qualities). The oils are formulated on the base of deeply refined, dewaxed and hydrorefined mineral oils received from crude oil straight-run distillation. The oils contain a properly selected package of anticorrosion, anti-oxidation and lubrication additives as well as demulsifying and antifoam attributes. Hydraulic oils L-HV are applied in power transmission systems and hydraulic control systems especially of moving, construction and vessel equipment.
    Specifications, classifications:
    - ISO VG 32-100,
    - ISO-L-HV,
    - DIN HVLP (DIN 51524p.3) VG 32,46,100.
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