Do your best with our best welding helmets!
One of the most important lessons we have learned over the last 35 years is that no two welders are the same. That’s why each 3M Speedglas product generation is based from years of welder interviews, continuously challenging ourselves in prototype development and field testing by welders. As a direct result of our customer listening approach we can offer a wide range of unique helmet systems developed just for your specific environment and challenges.

Since 1981, 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Helmet solutions have been the standard to beat for personal welding safety. It all started with direct workplace observations: welders were blindly striking arcs as they continually had to nod their helmets down. They were being accidentally flashed by other welders arcs – or even their own. Insights from these observations lead to an ingenious development - the auto-darkening welding filter that can automatically switch from light to dark in milliseconds.

Your thoughts and opinions are the bottom line in our continuous search for innovation. Inspired by your reality, we shape our future of welding so you can get on with the job of shaping ours.