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MULTISPRAY 500ml, Valvoline

MULTISPRAY 500ml, Valvoline

887048&VAL , A   EAN: 8710941030043
Valvoline Multi Spray is a blend of fast-acting super-penetrating solvents that evaporate, leaving a thin transparent protective film, rapidly loosens corroded fastenings and penetrates quickly into cracks, crevices and threads, freeing bolts, nuts and other fasteners. Annoying squeaks are silenced by friction-reducing lubricants. Cleans and protects all metals from rust and corrosion.

Use to loosen, dry, protect, lubricate and clean; bolts, sewing machines, lock mechanisms, distributors, spark plugs, tools, pipe threads, typewriters, hinges, guns, fishing reels, farm and garden equipment, rollers, wheels, nuts, boat parts, chains, clamps, appliances, chrome, zip fasteners, clocks, etc.

>> Penetrates, loosens, lubricates, and protects metal parts from rust and corrosion
>> Dries wet ignitions
>> Preserves battery terminals from corrosion
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5.90 €
Client price 5.60 €
Quantity     Package quantity: 12 pcs
11.81€/l   70.85€/box   
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