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MULTIPURPOSE MOLY 2 grease 400gr, Valvoline

MULTIPURPOSE MOLY 2 grease 400gr, Valvoline

882590&VAL , X   EAN: 8710941025674
High performance heavy duty lithium grease formulated with molybdenum disulphide for heavy load applications. Provides water resistance, wear and friction control.
Valvoline Multipurpose Moly 2 is a Lithium thickened lubricating grease formulated with mineral base oil and enhanced with molybdenum disulfide to provide superior performance and protection. The product is mechanically very stable and, due to its smooth consistency, easily pumpable.
Suitable for use in a wide range of applications like suspension joints, steering joints, fifth wheel, slow running bearings, open gears, machines working in damp conditions etc.
Can be used in several construction, agricultural, marine, industrial and mining applications.
Superior performance
The molybdenum disulphide gives the grease superior anti-friction properties and helps protecting in sliding and vibrating applications where metal-to-metal contact takes place.
Multipurpose applications
Valvoline Multipurpose Moly 2 was developed for universal lubrication of several mechanical equipment requiring a Moly grease. Especially suitable for wet conditions. This product should
not be used in fast running bearings.
Performance levels:
DIN 51502: KPF2K-30
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