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Winterboots Polaris S3 SCR 47, Pesso POLARIS47&PESSO , X   EAN: 8400000721363

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  • Description
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  • Upper material: Embossed leather 1.8-2.0 mm, water resistant. Outsole: PU/PU. Plastic toecap. Kevlar puncture resistant. Natural wool 50%, polyester 50% lining. 100% polyester fleece-foam with aluminum foil for better cold insulation insole.
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  • Follow the instructions to return the goods

    1. Download Stokker Return sheet.

    2. Fill in the printed return sheet and add it to the return package OR add as an attachment and email to

    3. Return the goods:

                    a. To Peterburi tee 44, Tallinn, Estonia 11415, Stokker office 

                    b. To the nearest Stokker Tool Center. Locations can be found HERE

                    c. Send a parcel by courier.

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