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is a Stokker Loyalty Bonus Program.

As a member of the program, you earn in Stokker´s centers and e-shop
made for purchase bonus nuts
and you can pay up to half the bill in bonus nuts.

Join the StokkerPro bonus program at Stokker centers or online
Earn 1 bonus nut or 1 euro bonus for every 30 euros you buy.
To do this, always use an ID card when shopping at Stokker centers and shop online.
With the collected bonus nuts, you can pay up to half of your invoice
I´m starting to collect nuts

Who can join the StokkerPRO bonus scheme?

The StokkerPRO bonus programme is open to everyone that makes a purchase from the Stokker e-shop or Stokker centre.
The StokkerPRO bonus account is personal. If you make purchases from different companies, and also as a private individual, the bonus will accumulate in a single account, where it can be used to pay for all purchases made by customers associated with you.

How do you join the StokkerPRO bonus scheme?

Joining the bonus scheme is personalised and easy. To do this, you just need to express your wish and identify yourself with your ID and email address. You can do this in two ways:

a) Click on the "join the bonus scheme" icon when making a purchase from Stokker's e-shop
b) By making a purchase at the Stokker centre, requesting to join the bonus scheme and registering your purchases with your ID card.

What are nuts?

Nuts are the StokkerPRO bonus scheme's notional currency, which you can collect in the Stokker e-shop or when you make a purchase at the Stokker centre. For every € 30 spent on a purchase registered with an ID card at the Stokker centre or made online, you will receive one nut in your account. With the nuts you collect, you can pay for up to half of your purchase at Stokker.

What is the value of one nut?

1 nut = € 1 discount that you can use on the purchase of your choice up to half the invoice amount. The discount on the nuts would be deducted from the final purchase amount, after the deduction of all customer discounts and rebates.

How can I collect nuts?

If you are a member of the StokkerPRO bonus scheme, you will need to register with your ID card when making a purchase at the Stokker centre or log in when ordering from the e-shop to collect the nuts. For every € 30 (including VAT) you buy in this way, you will get one nut on your account (for example, if you buy from Stokker’s shop for € 100 (including km), you will get 3 nuts on your account). The maximum amount you can earn per order is 150 nuts.
Nuts can be collected on behalf of all customers associated with you by cash, card, invoice or delivery note. The nuts are transferred to the virtual account immediately after the invoice is issued. Nuts cannot be collected from the purchases made by Stokker resellers and from the customers whose purchases are prohibited by the owner.

How can I use the bonus nuts I have earned?

Using bonus nuts, you can get a discount on the purchase of goods and services in Stokker up to a maximum of half of the invoice amount, and on special products of the bonus programme up to 100% of the product price. The discount can be applied to purchases made on all the customer accounts associated with you.

How do I know how many nuts I have earned?

You can get information about your bonus nuts account balance at any time by logging in to Stokker's self-service. You can also ask your customer service representative at the Stokker centre for information about your nut balance.

How long are the bonus nuts valid for?

Nuts accumulated in the account during the year "go rusty", i.e., expire at the end of the following year. This means that nuts collected in 2022 must be used by the end of 2023 at the latest.

Is it possible to pass on or cash in the bonus nuts earned?


Is it possible to collect nuts afterwards on a purchase already made?

If you made a purchase in the e-shop before joining the bonus scheme or did not register your purchase in the Stokker centre with your ID-card, it is not possible to collect nuts retroactively from this purchase.

Why do I need to provide Stokker with my personal ID and email address to join the bonus scheme?

Stokker uses a personal identity code to personalise purchases, as there are many people with similar names in Estonia. Without knowing the ID code, we also cannot link purchases made with an ID card in a shop to an ID account. We use the email address to log in to the customer account in the self-service. In addition, we will use the email address to keep you up to date on the status of your account and to send you information about Stokker.

Why do I need to present an ID card when shopping at Stokker or logging in to shop online?

To earn bonus nuts on your purchases. If the purchases are made without personalisation, it is not possible to transfer the earned bonus nuts to anyone.


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