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28.09 2018 12:00

How can a user change or restrict the use of cookies?

If the user does not want to use cookies on their device, they must change the browser's privacy settings. It is worth noting that blocking all cookies can help protect the user's privacy, but also restrict the use of some websites. The user can start by blocking the use of all cookies in the web browser. From now on, based on user experience, it will only allow cookies for websites that it trusts. The following links guide you through setting cookies and security settings for your most common web browsers:

More information can be found on the website of the Data Protection Inspectorate.




What does client data include?

Client data refers to data that we have about you and with which we can identify you, e.g. your name, personal identification code, and contact information.

What does processing of client data refer to?

The processing of client data refers to any kind of activity conducted with client data, e.g. collecting, saving, storing, changing client data, enabling access to it, conducting inquiries, using, forwarding, and deleting client data.

How do we collect client data? 

We collect client data directly from clients. Additionally, we also collect information received from public databases or from third parties.

We collect client data only at times and to an extent that is clearly defined and for legitimate purposes, taking into account the requirements of the legislation.

Why do we process client data?

We process customer data in order to enable companies of the Stokker Group to enter into and enforce a contract or ensure that it is performed, to comply with regulatory requirements, conduct marketing activities, identify consumer habits, conduct market research and surveys.

We process client data only at times and to an extent that is clearly defined and for legitimate purposes, taking into account the requirements of the legislation.

On what basis do we process client data?

The basis for processing client data is a clear confirmation provided by you or a contract signed with you.

To whom do we disclose client data?

We disclose or forward your client data to other companies in the Stokker Group; to people who are involved in performing the contract you signed; to databases; to registrars or service providers of the Stokker Grupp.

How do we store client data?

We store collected client data on paper and in an information system. We store client data for as long as any claims can occur arising from our contractual relationship. We delete client data that we no longer need for the purposes of processing.

We also store client data in order to send information to you, if necessary, to maintain client relations with you and to answer any questions concerning your contracts.

Do we ensure the safety of client data processing?

We protect client data in our possession with modern safety and confidentiality solutions.

How can on change client data, view it, or apply that the collection of one’s client data is stopped?

You are required to notify us immediately of any changes in the client data that you have submitted to us so far, as well as of incomplete or incorrect data. We have the right to ask for documents that would prove the change and you are required to provide such documents.

You have the right to view any client data that we have concerning you; you can do so at our headquarters at Peterburi tee 44, 11415, in Tallinn.

You have the right, in accordance with legislation, to require that we cease to process, disclose or provide access to your client data, or the deletion of any client data concerning you that we have collected. This means that we will no longer be able to fulfil the purpose, incl. provide a service, for which you had given consent for client data processing.

What are cookies and how do they work?

Our website includes cookies. A cookie is a small text file that the website saves on the hard drive of the user’s computer. The next time you use our website, the browser will read your cookie and provide information to the website or element that places the cookie in the first place. Cookies do not harm your device in any way.  

What kind of cookies do we use?

In order to improve the functionality and ease of use of our website, and statistical data, we use the following types of cookies on our website:

  1. Session cookies: These are non-permanent cookies that are stored only until you keep the website open in your browser after having entered the website. Session cookies remind the website what kind of selections you made on the previous page and help avoid having to re-enter information.
  2. Permanent cookies: After visiting our website, cookies will be saved to your end device as a random combination of numbers. These will help identify you as a unique user and help remind information concerning you and your previous activities on the website when you visit it again. The storage period of cookies on your device depends on the type of cookies.
  3. Tracking cookies: we use these cookies to monitor the website’s statistics and to improve them.
  4. Third-party cookies: we use third-party cookies, e.g. Google cookies, to serve advertisements and improve communication-related to marketing. Advertisements of third parties use cookies, which will be saved on your end device, in order to evaluate the efficiency of ads and to personalize the content of ads that are displayed to you. Information collected by third-party marketers can include geographical location data (on the basis of your IP address).

Can you decrease the number of cookies saved or remove cookies from your end device?

The cookies we use do not contain your client data and they cannot be used to identify you. If you want to forbid the saving of cookies on your device or to delete any saved cookies, you can do so under the settings of your browser.   

Can we change our principles concerning privacy and cookies?

We have the right to change our principles concerning privacy and cookies at any time. In order to stay up to date on changes concerning our principles about privacy and cookies, we recommend that you visit our website regularly.

Stokker uses YouTube API Services for video uploads.

More info YouTube’s Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy


Your consent applies to the following domain:

Current status: Only necessary cookies.

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