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A selection of professional articles and videos on new tools, maintenance and repairs.

Cordless tool is especially suitable for city gardens. But also suitable for use in ground conditions.

15.06 2021 22:19

The cordless tool is especially suitable for city gardens. But also suitable for use in ground conditions.

Cordless garden tools are ideally suited for gardens in densely populated areas, where the areas to be maintained are of moderate size and where the murmur of an internal combustion engine from an adjacent plot can make neighbors swear by a Saturday morning.

Up to 700 square meters of lawn area, a few hundred meters of hedges or the same number of fence edges are easily managed volumes for battery-powered garden tools. The limited battery life is seconded by the relative noise freedom of power tools: who wants to drink morning coffee on the veranda on Saturday or grill meat before sunset with the noise of gasoline-powered mowers from grassy enthusiasts.

Echo akuga muruniiduk ECLM-58V4AH

Often investigated how large the battery capacity should be in ampere-hours (Ah). Figuratively, the capacity of the battery can be compared to the capacity of a conventional mower's fuel tank - the larger it is, the longer it can be carried on in one charge. In addition, the operating voltage of the device in volts (V) is also important. Voltage has a direct effect on power. So the bigger it is, the more powerful it is. The capability of a tool operating at 50V and higher can be safely compared to the performance of a 2-stroke engine with a displacement of about 25 ccs.

Echo aku 58V

When the battery is discharged, it needs to be charged, this will cause an unavoidable downtime. ECHO 58V tools are equipped with 4A chargers that charge a 2Ah battery in 30 minutes and a 4Ah battery in one hour. The user does not have to wait for hours before you can go to work again.

Akuga hekilõikur ECHT-58V2AHE

Is one enough or do I need several batteries? It depends on the size of the lawn, the length of the hedge and the number of deciduous trees growing around the plot. Generally, one battery is enough, but for a larger type of garden, there may be an extra battery on the garage shelf. This way you can be sure that the work will be done with one story.

The ECHO enthusiast garden tools use a 58-volt battery with a capacity of 2 or 4 amp-hours. There is also a rule that the price of a battery correlates with capacity and voltage. In general, it can be observed that garden tools with an operating voltage of less than 20V do not stand out with excessive diligence.

Echo Akuga lehepuhur ECPLB-58V2AH

The capacity of the battery and the nature of the tool also set their own limits on working time. In the conditions of a city garden, the working time of a lawn trimmer and a hedge trimmer for about half an hour with one charge is quite enough to circle the garden. After all, no one is going to trim the whole lawn, you still need to clean the edges of the garden, the curbs and the small ends. The combination of the lawnmower's 53 cm width and up to 40 minutes of working time is quite sufficient for mowing a normal-sized urban plot. The chainsaw allows you to make more than 100 cuts in the case of 15 cm diameter pegs, which again in urban conditions is usually a lot more than necessary. It is also worth noting the speed of the saw chain is 21 m / sec, which is not inferior to most of its internal combustion engine siblings.

Echo akuga mootorsaag ECCS-58V4AH

It should be borne in mind that hedge trimmers, trimmers and slightly more expensive saws and lawn mowers with a sale price of less than 300-400 euros are household appliances, they are not intended to make money in landscaping companies. If a farm needs to trimmer a kilometer of ditch ridge and field edge, then today it is still useful to use a tool with a petrol engine.


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