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Mulch, side ejection or collection bag?

11.05 2021 11:26

When choosing a lawnmower, sellers often say that it is a dual system and that the other one has three different functions. However, there are also mowers that use only one of the three. To make it easier to buy a lawn mower, I will explain the differences in functions.


Mulching is a very common method of mowing. Its working principle is that the cut grass is not thrown out of the mower but is finely chopped. The blade of a mulch mower is usually also designed differently, creating an air jet that pushes the cut and chopped grass close to the ground. This leaves the lawn beautiful and clean. If you mow grass of a reasonable length, you will not usually see any mown grass clippings. Mowed grass also decays as fertilizer for growing grass.

The main advantage of mulching over side ejection is that the grass is not spread on the mowed grass but is pushed into the growing grass. Mulching requires a more powerful engine from the mower, because multiple cuts of grass are significantly more burdensome than just ejection. Mulching works best on dry and not very long grass. Wet and too high grass easily clogs the mower and puts too much strain on the engine.

Some mulching mowers use a special blade that keeps grass clippings around the blade for longer, allowing for more efficient shredding.


Mowers with a collection bag are especially popular among gardeners with smaller lawns. Depending on the mower, the collection bag is mounted either behind the mower or on the side ejector with a special pipe. The main advantage of using a collection bag is visual. Namely, the lawn stays clean and most of the mowed grass is picked up in a bag. The biggest drawback is the extra work required to empty the grass bag. Also, if you mow a longer grass or a larger area, the constant filling of the bag may interfere with work. In addition, it is necessary to find a place in the garden corner to collect the cut grass.

Using a collection bag is probably not the best feature for routine mowing. However, it can be useful if you want to mow longer grass while maintaining the beautiful appearance of the lawn. In this case, you can safely pick up all the larger "hay" in the bag and easily throw it on a garden trolley, for example.

However, one of the biggest advantages of a mower with a collector is the autumn leaf stripping time. Namely, it is very easy to shred and collect fallen leaves with it. It is then very easy to compost the collected leaf-grass mixture. Using a collection bag also puts a heavier load on the mower. Especially if you use a front-wheel drive lawnmower, the excessive weight of the collector can cause wheel grip problems. The problem is that in this case the center of gravity falls behind the rear wheels and the force of gravity on the front wheels is considerably reduced.


Side ejection

It is the oldest feature in the world of lawn mowers. It is simple, cheap, suitable for lower power mowers and generally does not load the mower as much as other systems. With a properly designed side ejector, the mower spreads the cut grass cells evenly so that they are almost invisible. However, if the lawn is wet or very long, it can cause a lawn to the lawn or even clog the outlet. Not all side ejection mowers are designed in this way. Some of them may not be able to spread the grass evenly even under ideal conditions.

Some lawnmowers have been specially developed for one function. At the same time, there are more and more of them that use at least two or even all three. For many people, the most attractive is the mower with a side ejection so far, with the option of a mulch valve.

If you want to achieve a very beautiful lawn, I would recommend buying a more expensive mower specially designed for mulching. It is not the most sensible thing to buy a mower with a collection basket. Rather, leave it as a spare option and buy a mower that has either side ejection or mulching options.



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