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Does the robotic lawnmower replacing a sheep?

15.06 2021 14:12
Does the robot lawn mower replacing a sheep? Is the robot efficient and safe?

There is rapid development in the field of robotic lawn mowers. In recent years, robots have become smarter and like other home appliances, robotic lawnmowers connect to the Internet nowadays. In this case, the owner of the lawnmower has the opportunity to stay away from home and can give commands via a smartphone, and see where the mower is operated and the settings can be changed if needed.

For example, the new Ambrogio robotic lawnmowers come standard with a positioning system that indicates the specific location of the mower. The GPS itself helps the mower to map the mowed area and work systematically, ensuring that the entire lawn is mowed.

In addition to the intelligence of robotic lawnmowers, their running gear is also improved to ensure even weight distribution to all wheels. This is especially important to ensure a very good result when mowing lawns with uneven surfaces. To ensure the best grip, Ambrogio models are equipped with soft rubber wheels based on the principle of a car pneumatic tire.

The garden is yours all-day

For all Ambrogio robotic lawnmowers, the main keyword is long operating time, with one charge (most mowers charge repeatedly during one operating cycle). This means that mower delivery can be set for early morning and late evening time. This way, when delivering toys and garden tools to the lawn during the day in the garden, you can not be afraid that the mower will pass them(for information: the movement of the robot is restricted by a pre-installed wire).

Is there a suitable model for my garden?

The Italian Zucchetti Centro Sistemi has been on the market for Ambrogio brand robotic lawnmowers for 18 years. The company's product portfolio includes fully automatic models for mowing small home gardens as well as for maintaining large parks of up to 30 000 m2. The product portfolio also includes a unique robot that overcomes 55% of the slopes of the market and can cope with mowing gardens while playing.

The future in your garden

The new Ambrogio 4.0 series mower features a number of innovations that are the first in the field of robotic lawnmowers. For example, a rotating articulated frame is used to achieve better contact between the wheels and the ground. Ambrogio also has a solution for the moisture after heavy rainfall in Estonia - namely, when mowing in wet weather, mowing residues tend to accumulate around the mower blade. On the new 4th series model, the mower blade body is perforated so that the rainwater can be washed off nicely. Of course, all Ambrogio lawnmowers have rain sensors, so the owner can decide whether or not to mow in the rain. But that's not all.

As the first robotic lawnmower manufacturer, Ambrogio offers contactless induction charging on its latest 4.0 series flagship model.

Do you install and forget? What to do before and after the season, but also during the season.

Every robotic lawnmower needs maintenance. If during the season it consists of peeking out the mower's abdomen once a week, removing any mowing residue that has accumulated there, and assessing the condition of the blades, the machine should be thoroughly cleaned, fully charged, and stored in a warm and dry place before being placed in a winter apartment. Almost all robotic lawnmower dealers offer winter maintenance or storage packages. In addition to the above, all units are tested during winter storage, all moving parts of the device are cleaned and the software is updated. So if you don't have to do the work with your mower, now is the time to take the machine to an authorized service center. This way you can wait for the grass to grow with a calm heart.

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