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AS Nava and AS Stokker merged

01.02 2018 15:40

The merger process of AS Nava and AS Stokker finished on December 20, 2017. As a result of the merger, Stokker's current subsidiary AS Nava became the woodworking equipment division of AS Stokker. The experienced sales and service team of Nava continues servicing its existing and new customers under the flag of Stokker.

Thanks to these changes, we are able to provide more professional approach to woodworking area for the customers of Stokker and wider range of products and more nearby services via 13 tool centers of Stokker over Estonia for the existing customers of Nava.

History of Nava dates back to 1989. During its years of operation, NAVA has developed itself as an expert, importer and seller of woodworking machines and tools. Nava team has proved and established itself during the years and won a stable place in the woodwork equipment market.

Today, the same team will continue to work under the name of the Stokker Woodworking Equipment Division by offering wood-working technological solutions and projects, wood processing equipment from small machines to production lines, hand tools and hobby machinery, auxiliary equipment and materials, cutting instruments and services. The sales centers of Stokker woodworking equipment located at Kriidi tn 4, Tallinn and in Stokker center at Ringtee 79 in Tartu offer a wide range of equipment, accessories and cutters.

It is possible to order special equipment based on specific customer needs. Our selection provides the most suitable product and service for every timber processor.


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